Frederic Siegel is an award-winning director/animator/illustrator, working in Zurich, Switzerland. He graduated from the Lucerne School of Art & Design in 2015. He is a founding member of the creative collective Team Tumult.
While producing commissioned work for a wide range of clients, he is also expressing his own artistic views in personal shortfilms, gifs, illustrations, comics & music.



Team Tumult (animation collective)
GSFA (swiss animation group)
SWISS FILMS (swiss film promotion)
Superhaufen (creative collective)
Vaudeville Studios (animation studio)
Eisprung (animation studio)
Pulk (animation collective)
Etienne Mory (animation)
Beni Morard (animation)
Marwan Abdalla (film & animation)
Will Crook (animation)
Jane Mumford (animation & comedy)
Nico Kast (animation & music)
Kilian Vilim (animation & illustration)
Owley (animation & illustration)
Dominic Lutz (3D animation)
Matthias Huber (3D animation)
Andrea Schneider (animation)
Dustin Rees (animation)
Luc Gut (animation & music)