Two enemies meet in a destroyed world. When one of them is on the verge of collapse, they discover their inseparable bond which keeps the balance of all things...

"Krapfen" is a musicvideo I directed for the Swiss band Schööf to promote their release of a new EP in form of a hand crank music box. The exterior design and the leaflet inside are inspired by the visuals of the musicvideo.

Fantoche CH, Swiss Competition, 2017
Animasyros GR, Music Video Selection, 2017
ReAnimania AM, 2017
Bitfilm Contest, 2017
Locomocion MX, 2017
Gdansk Animation Film Festival PL, Animated Music Video Competition 2017

Client: Schööf
Directed and Animated by Frederic Siegel
Produced by Team Tumult
Music written and played by Schööf
Recording & Mixing: Eliya Reichen
Mastering: Timo Keller
Supported by Albert Köchlin Stiftung & Fuka Fonds Luzern