"Dear Habib" tells the inspiring story of an afghan refugee and his experiences in the UK. I had the honour to go to London for a week to co-direct and art-direct the film together with fellow Team Tumult artist Beni Morard and Syrian Director Majid Adin at the Feed Me Light Studio in Shoreditch.

2018 Swiss Industry Award, Fantoche CH

Production Year: 2018
A Feed Me Light Production in collaboration with:
Becoming Adult, Positive Negative, University of Oxford Refugee Centre, University of Birmingham, Iris, CEID UCL, ESRC.
Directed by Majid Adin & Team Tumult
Written and Produced by Ryan Goodwin-Smith
With the voice talent of Elham Ehsas

Art Direction: Frederic Siegel
Storybard and Animatic: Beni Morard

Music Composition: David Kamp
Sound Design: Fonic

2D animation: Julien Becquer, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Conor Ryan
Additional Storyboard: Johann Auroux
Additional Colour: Christa Jarrold
Additional Compositing: Mathieu Dellabe

Creative Producers: Habib Rezaie, Gullican Zada
Becoming Adults Researchers: Dr Elaine Chase, Jennifer Allsopp, Dr Nando Sigona
PositiveNegatives Team: Rachel Shapcott, Emily Oliver